Hypnosis for abundance?
Yes, really! Abundance can mean a lot of things; More money, more love, more energy, more freedom, even better health. Do you know what’s blocking you?

Let’s cover the one most of you think of when I say abundance. Do you want to earn more money?

You may think you’re doing everything possible to achieve your goals, yet you may still be frustrated with your progress. What if there’s a part of your subconscious which doesn’t believe you can do it? Hypnosis can help you uncover and remove the blocks which prevent you from achieving the wealth and success you are dreaming of. Through hypnosis you can understand what it is inside you that has prevented you from achieving your desires.

How on earth can hypnosis help me earn more money?
The bottom line is what you believe about yourself becomes your ultimate reality. Hypnotherapy is a conversation with your subconscious that has the ability to clear the blocks and help you to believe in yourself, to build up self confidence and motivation and to develop more clearly defined outcomes for your life. Deep relaxation techniques can help you to focus inwards and to remove those internal conversations of unworthiness, shame or whatever you may be feeling. So that you believe in yourself and your goals. When you and your subconscious are in alignment, you believe in the possibility then you will change your behaviour and thought processes appropriately.

What do you want to create?

You can clear those blocks! After three sessions you will receive an mp3 created just for you, I also will teach you methods of self hypnosis and relaxation techniques so you can continue to work through blocks as they come up in your life.

Skype sessions are available. Contact me today to book your appointments.