Past life Regression, Future Life Progression and Life Between Lives

Not everyone believes in reincarnation, but what if it were true? One session can be life changing.

Imagine being aware of some of the lives you have lived and the lessons learned during those lifetimes. Many begin exploring regression and progression out of curiosity or for entertainment, which is perfectly acceptable. However, in Hypnotherapy, Regression and Progression therapy is a powerful tool that is used for healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression – allows you to improve your current life by showing more about yourself and the lessons learned in the past, you can choose to put those lessons to use in this lifetime. Imagine discovering the underlying reasons for some of the key choices you have made in this life! This awareness may assist you in moving on and doing things in a new way. With the greater clarity that occurs, you may get a sense of your current life purpose and gain the emotional resources you need to make it happen.

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression – allows you insights into your future.  You will explore your most probable future; the one that will happen if you stay on the same path that you are on now. This enables you to recognize any adjustments or changes you need to make in order to ensure that you achieve success and happiness in your life.

Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives – At the point in which a life comes to an end, your soul travels out of the physical body and into the spirit realms.  The spirit world is far from being just a state of limbo where you await rebirth, in this ‘between life state’ our soul gets to reconnect with personal guides and/or teachers, and meet with close soul companions and soul groups. Life Between Lives allows a greater understanding of the sort of contracts that you set up before you came to your present life and a better insight into the life lessons you chose. You may also get answers to many questions when you meet with the elders or wise ones who communicate with compassion, love and wisdom.  Everyone’s experience is different; Many are able to shed layers of doubts, fears and anxieties they no longer need and experience deep healing.

In order to access the deep state of relaxation that is required for Life Between Lives, it is essential to experience a past life session first.  This is healing in and of itself and sets a framework of trust and connection between you and I. The two sessions can be done within a few weeks, both on one day may be a little too intense.



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