In addition to my specialty of


My Main Areas of Focus Include

Hypnosis Energetics

  • Clear blocked chakras.
  • Heal your mind, body and spirit.
  • Discover bliss.

Abundance Blocks:

  • You have a million dollar idea that just isn’t getting off the ground.
  • You’re a top salesperson and you’ve hit a slump.
  • You’ve met the ‘one’ – you’re absolutely sure is your ideal life-partner yet the words won’t come to express yourself.
  • You feel passionate in your heart but you’re terrified to show anyone your art, your music, your writing… your authentic self

Past Life Regression:

  • Discover the root causes of your phobias, unhealthy habits or chronic medical conditions.
  • Learn more about why you feel so connected to someone you just met.
  • Find out why you react the way you do in certain situations.
  • Confirm that feeling you’ve always had.



Hypnosis Energetics

Energy Healing and Hypnosis Combined

more info on Hypnosis Energetics

Abundance Blocks

Let's clear the blocks together.

Abundance Blocks

Past Life Regression

Who were you in a past life?

Past Life Regression

Where did you live?

Group Hypnosis Workshops

PLR WorkshopAt least once a month I put on Group Hypnosis Workshops around the Fraser Valley, to allow those who are curious about hypnosis to experience a group session.

Group Hypnosis differs from Individual Hypnosis in that in a group hypnosis setting, I need to generalize hypnotic suggestions to ensure that a participant will not be mislead or be given a suggestion meant for someone else. Hypnosis performed one on one, allows me to personalize specific suggestions according to your particular motivations and preferences. For example, one person might prefer to relax as if lying on a sunny beach, recalling the good times from their early childhood, while another person with traumatic childhood memories of getting severely sunburned on a beach, might prefer to relax as if walking in the shaded woods being inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds them.

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