About Me

A child of Old World, traditional parents I was programmed at a young age to “Get a good education and a secure job!” This was the key to having a good life.  It was understandable; they had left the despair of post-war Germany in search of a fresh start.

After graduating from a technical college, I was fortunate to work for a large company with a strong union. Fast forward 20 years, the corporate culture was changing. We were being encouraged to take “early retirement” as they sought younger, more cost-effective personnel.   

Suddenly on a path to become a better version of myself, I started pursuing my passions and dreams. I learned to sail, bought a Harley and did some traveling.  I challenged myself and began taking risks, investing in real estate and playing the stock market.  

I was also on a healing journey. Growing up, I was emotionally shut down – constantly walking on eggshells to avoid getting yelled at or getting into trouble. Through personal growth work and energy healing I learned that I held in a lot of resentment, anger and guilt; mostly towards my mother.  That work allowed me to clear the emotional baggage and I was moved to learn everything I could about energy work.  

I became a Reiki Master and studied other energy modalities:  HRT (Heart Resonance Therapy), Reconnection Energy, EFT, Psych-K, NLP 
I also experienced hypnosis which, in my opinion, helped me the most. It changed my life!  

When I became a Certified Clinical Hypnotherpist, everything clicked – I learned how the mind and body are connected. I found my calling, my passion. The combination of energy and hypnosis is the most effective way to make permanent changes, safely and quickly. 

It’s the power of helping others create change in their life that gets me excited every day.  Hypnosis has helped millions of people over thousands of years, let it work for you.  




and the Fraser Valley